Episode 022 Jenny Shih: Uncompromising Business Coach, Rockstar Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

 In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How Jenny built a thriving business while battling a serious health condition. She harnessed the power of choice, and completely took control of her story. Super inspirational!
  • The importance of questioning your thoughts, & the freedom that comes from realizing you don’t have to listen to them
  • The one type of thinking that not only limits your options, it closes you off to magic
  • The power of being present to the way things are, as opposed to what we think they SHOULD be
  • Success without sacrifice? How making deliberate choices is a critical aspect of designing a business that supports the lifestyle you want.
  • The importance of taking 100% personal responsibility in your life and business

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You can find out more about Jenny here:

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