Episode 019: Jaime Cross – Herbal Alchemist, and CEO of One the Fastest Growing Organic Skin Care Companies in the World -019

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How Jamie received the business plan for her 7 figure business…in a dream!
  • Why it’s so important you open yourself up to your passions, and heed the call to follow your dreams
  • How she left her big salary corporate career (with 4 kids!) to follow her passions and build her dream business
  • How the only thing that creates clarity in your life is action
  • How failing can actually be success, if looked at the right way
  • The importance of making a lot of “mistakes” as fast as possible
  • The incredible similarities between her religious faith and the self-development world
  • Why waiting for the “right time” and playing it safe, is responsible for killing more dreams than anything else.This episode will absolutely fire you up and motivate you to get after your dreams!

All this and more in just over 15 minutes! 

Download the episode here


You can find out more about Jaime here:

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