Episode 009: Jeff Banman – Former US Army Ranger, CIA Counterterrorism Operator, & Firefighter (pt 1 and pt 2 OVERTIME!)

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • “the Question”: How one question, which has only two answers, can serve as a compass that guides you in your life
  • The difference between you and the voice in your head
  • Why fear cannot exist in the present moment
  • The ONE powerful (but beautifully simple) mindset lesson “regular” people can learn from special forces operatives and others that operate at the highest levels of performance
  • Why action is the key to everything
  • the 5 Steps to Ultimate Performance

All this and more in just over 15 Minutes!

Download the episode here

This episode actually went over 20 minutes. 

But Jeff stuck around for an OVERTIME! segment, where he shared even more ridiculously high level insights. 

Check out OVERTIME! Right here:  

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • His morning routine, which includes a very unique 3 minute meditation practice
  • What the 4 Elements of Life are, and how balance and context in each is key to a happy, fulfilled life 
  • The secret that separates high performance individuals from everyone else
  • An incredible life lesson he learned from his mentor that can be applied to every area of your life. SUPER powerful

Download the OVERTIME! episode here


You can find out more about Jeff here:





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