Episode 010: Jenn Scalia – Visibility Strategist and Mindset Maven for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make an Impact

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of having a big, meaningful vision that inspires and motivates you (and how to use that vision as fuel to get after your goals and dreams)
  • How playing “little” vs playing HUGE is often the difference between someone “average” and a total rockstar
  • Why these days she attributes 90% of her success to mindset and 10% to strategy
  • Want success in your business? Worry less about what you have to DO, and instead focus on who you have to BE. Jenn’s take on stepping into your identity is gold, so pay attention!
  • A brilliant question to ask yourself when you’re striving for that next level (and beyond) in your life or business
  • Where true confidence comes from
  • The visibility mindset – the powerful shift that enabled her to get out of her own head, put her own ego on the back burner, step into her heart, and into a career of service to others. A huge part of her seven figure success and an absolute killer lesson for anyone hoping to make it in the online world.
  • Why you should focus less on doing what’s hard, and pay more attention to what comes easy and natural for you
  • How she was able to build a seven figure business as a single mom – if she was able to find the time, so can you!

DAMN this was so good!  

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