Seeking Approval, Acceptance, and Validation

Hey guys – it’s Gregg Sugerman and I’m going to do something a little different today….

See – I decided it would FEEL more interesting to stop just giving you information, no matter how valuable, even if it’s in my voice – my spin on things which tend to be a little different than most……and instead start sharing with you the stuff that I’m working on when it comes to my own spiritual development / self development / whatever you choose to call it. . 

I think it’s probably easier and more fun for you to learn by really connecting with what I’m learning.  What I’m working on. My own journey. 

There’s too many fucking people on social media TEACHING man. Giving information. 

There’s so much information out there we’re choking on it. We’re literally drowning in INFORMATION 

So I’m going to make a lot more of my journey – my life – available to you. In the hopes it’s a more effective way for you to both connect WITH ME AND to learn. 

Ok – so I’ve always spent a lot of time thinking about approval. 

Seeking approval. Of others. Craving acceptance, approval, I guess in some ways validation.

It used to be something that when I look back now – really subconsciously ran my life. And to this day it still pops up in weird and random ways. 

It starts with craving our parents’ attention doesn’t it? And look- that makes sense right? Our survival, our happiness, our everything – was linked to that. 

But then I feel like it kind of goes sideways for a lot of people. It just naturally weaves its way into: 

🙏🏻i hope the other kids like me…

🙏🏻i hope my teachers like me…

🙏🏻i hope that girl or boy likes me…

🙏🏻i hope i make friends and that they like me

🙏🏻i hope my boss likes me…

🙏🏻i hope my coworkers like me…

🙏🏻i hope my picture gets a lot of likes…

🙏🏻i hope my post gets a lot of likes…

🙏🏻i hope people like my latest video…

i guess the question I have for you if you’re feeling this message is: WHEN DOES THAT END? 

Really. When is it going to end?

And the answer is: 

It won’t

It won’t end

It never will



You decide (everything starts with a DECISION right?) 

Decide you’re done playing that stupid useless game.

Until you decide that you know what? 

From here on out?……

I’m just gonna lay back here and BE ME. 

Because what’s missing – what’s right outside the grasp of so many people is that you just relaxing into the truth of WHO YOU ARE? 

Is actually WAY more than enough. 

And when I say so many people…..I’m as guilty of it as the next guy.  

Because here’s the trip – guess what? When it comes to the approval of others? The validation of others? The acceptance of others? 

It actually doesn’t matter. 

It’s NEVER mattered. 

Because those same people who we’re worried about – whether you’re aware of it or it’s a subconscious thing – THEY’RE tripping over the exact same thing. 

So why are we playing a game we cannot win? Why are YOU playing a game you cannot win? 

Why does worrying about others’ approval of you even have to be a thing?

So – this was a quick video for you today but if there’s one thing I want you to takeaway it’s this: 

You’re SO MUCH more than enough. 


The only approval you should be chasing is your own. 

The only acceptance you should be worrying about is self-acceptance

And you damn sure don’t need anyone else’s validation. 

When you do that work and you learn to generate all this internally? I’t s a beautiful fucking thing.

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