The Abundance Shortcut

Hey, guys, it’s Gregg Sugerman, and today I want to have a conversation with you about Abundance. Specifically – I want to know what you THINK of when you hear that word- abundance. 

Because if you’re like most people, when you hear the word abundance you think of what? You think of money right? 

“Financial abundance flows to me effortlessly and easily” and all that shit. Maybe you even have a money mantra or incantation you do every day.

“I AM wealthy. Abundant avalanches of money are speeding their way toward me”. 

If that is you, and you’re doing all that, how’s it working for you? 

Because look – it’s what I did, for a really long time, and it never seemed to get me anywhere.

So I changed it up. 

Instead, I started choosing to focus on ALL the abundance in this world and in this universe that I’m surrounded by every second of every day. 

And I came up with this exercise that I do as needed, to really get me in that mindset and feeling place of abundance.

I call it the Abundance Flood.

Hey! Maybe we can give AF a new meaning instead of what it’s become lately… 

And so it might sound something like this – 

Just for context- sometimes I’ll do this in my head while I’m walking around. Other times I’ll sit and journal it out – as kind of a free-flow stream of consciousness writing. 

I’ll just kind of observe the world around me and riff like this – 

I see the abundance of all the grass outside. All the green. All the trees. All the wood and leaves in and on those trees. 

All the roots. 

All the dirt at the base of all those trees. 

All the seeds that grew all of those trees. 

All the birds and squirrels that run and climb and fly in and out and around those trees. 

All the worms and different bugs and countless thousands or no —  millions of life forms that are around those trees right now. 

ALL the LIFE. 

All the people walking around in the street. All the different faces and bodies and hair and clothing they wear. 

All the people in all the different countries of the world that made those clothes. 

All the fabrics and materials that were sewn together to make those clothes. 

All the stores in all the cities and towns in all the countries that all of those clothes are sold in. 

All the other items in all the other stores that people buy. 

All the brick and steel and glass and metal that all of those stores are made of. 

All the cars driving on all the roads and highways and freeways and crossing over all the bridges and tunnels  

All the different KINDS of cars- small one’s big ones two-door… four-door …trucks …buses… cabs… vans- 4×4’s, motorcycles – 

All the people from all over the world that made all of those cars and vehicles. 

How many people each of THOSE people are CONNECTED to- friends, families, co-workers, lovers – you know —- back to the cars – all the GLASS in all of those cars. 

All the glass and the metal and the plastic – all of the electronic equipment in all of those cars. 

The amount of electronics not just in all those cars but think of the sheer amount of electronics in the entire world? 

How about all the buildings I see? And ALL the people that live and work in all those buildings. All the windows and elevators and doors and kitchens and living rooms and ALL the shit that’s INSIDE all of those rooms. 

All the FOOD we have in this country. THINK about all the stores and restaurants and deli’s and bodega’s and street carts- 

THINK of all of that food….in SO MANY parts of the world where food is a much scarcer commodity it’s literally EMBARRASSING how much we have. 

WE HAVE SO MUCH that we literally WASTE it. We THROW IT AWAY, that’s how abundant it is here. 

ALL the clean fresh water. UNHEARD of in so much of the world. We literally can walk up to our sinks and get clean water.

IMPOSSIBLE to even fathom for hundreds of millions if not BILLION of people on this planet – 

Speaking of this WORLD- the cities, the towns, the counties, the boroughs, the states the countries – the OCEANS separating the continents. 

ALL THE LIFE in those oceans!


The abundance of life on this planet is MIND-BLOWING! 

Want to go wider? 

THIS world… is one of an UNLIMITED amount of worlds in an INFINITE universe. 

If you could travel at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second!  you could travel in an infinite amount of directions forever – and NEVER get to the end of it. 


Think of all I DIDN’T mention there. You could do this exercise 20 hours a day for 20 years and still find new things to think of. 

So that my friends, is my Abundance Flood. Not sure if I invented this or not. Might have been something I read about ages ago – who knows. Who cares?

All I know is that it’s how I choose to look at abundance. 

Now you might be asking Gregg, so because you do this are you saying you’re worth tens of millions of dollars or…more?


The answer is no… I am not. 

But I can tell you since I started looking at things differently. Like I just showed you…since I started retraining myself to see and FEEL things in a different way, one of which being my relationship with money and the energy I bring to that relationship, 

…since I started LOOSENING my grip on the very subject of money- meaning … meaning worked on REMOVING the TENSION I felt AROUND it, I can tell you that I’ve absolutely made more money than I have in the past. 

I’ve spent more… I’ve made more… I’ve saved more…and I no longer doubt the inevitability that way more of it is on it’s way and that it’s an abundant resource and energy just like all the limitless OTHER abundant resources in our universe. 

It’s a CONSCIOUS DECISION – to see abundance in every way, shape, and form AROUND ME- and because I am focused on THAT … MORE of that shows up. I look for it and I find it. 

Does that all make sense? 

Wow…that was awesome! Felt GREAT! Hope you enjoyed the abundance flood! 

And what I want YOU to do is – I want YOU to try it and let me know what you think.


You won’t be disappointed. Do it and check back with me here in the comments or private message me or whatever. 

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me! See you soon!

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