Episode 005: Jenn Malecha – the (W)holistic Health Boss

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How Jenn came to rely on the power of her mindset to overcome a multitude of health challenges: adrenal dysfunction, leaky gut, toxic mold, hormone imbalances, and Hashimoto’s 
  • How she was able to shift the relationship she had with her body, exercise, food, and her overall health
  • How the cells in your body literally hear you – this was amazing!!!
  • How developing a mindset of self-worth / self-kindness was critical to Jenn’s health turnaround 
  • How meditating, journaling, & positive mantras proved to be an integral part of her healing journey
  • And the shared mindset trait she she’s in her clients that are able to go the farthest on their healing journeys

SOOOOO much awesome stuff here!  

Download the episode here


You can find out more about Jenn here:

the W(holisitic) Health Boss


Mentioned in this episode: 

Messages in Water: Masaru Emoto

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