Here’s the Fastest & Easiest Way to Change Something in Your Life (For Real)

OK – let’s talk about THE fastest way to change ANYTHING in your life 

Here’s the deal guys – there are things we’ve all been led to believe are hard.

They’re difficult.


Take a really long time. 

When the reality is they’re simple. Nowhere near as hard to achieve as you think and absolutely don’t have to take a ton of time.

Then there are things we’ve all just accepted as the way things are.

The way they work. 

But the reality is what we’ve been taught and accepted and bought into is literally ass-backwards. 

So with that in mind, let’s talk about YOU and YOU getting WHATEVER it is you want in your life.

Creating whatever you want in your life. In the fastest and easiest way possible 

The reason why achieving anything / changing anything / can seem so difficult  – is not about willpower.

Is not about discipline.

Of course those things can help a lot…

But the reason is that when it comes to those things, like I said, you’re going about it backwards. 

Here’s what I mean – 

When you want to change something – anything – I don’t care if it’s lose a bunch of weight and get in better shape, become more disciplined with your habits, become more organized with your schedule – or anything else, devote more time to your side business…

…what’s the FIRST thing you try to change? 

Think about it for a bit.

What’s the FIRST thing you try and change? 

And PS THIS is the thing that MOST people get wrong –  and I do mean MOST people. 

You change what you DO right? Your behaviors. Your actions. The shit that you DO. 

You try this thing – that thing.

I tried to do this, it didn’t work fast enough, so now I’ll try something else…

A lot of us find something that DOES work and what do we do? HEY! This works! Guess I’ll stop doing that and try something else! That’s a whole other conversation though…

Does that sound familiar? Sure it does. 

The thing is – like I said, it’s backwards. It’s backwards. It rarely works. And if it DOES work, it takes 100 times longer than it should. 

I want you to picture a pyramid. You can check out my super fancy graphic I made for you here:

From the bottom up, those sections would be: 


Those two are the foundations – working your way up next are:



Above that is BEHAVIOR AKA Actions – the stuff you do.

And finally OUTCOMES – those are your results. This is what you’re after. 

 Now here’s how it all works and how YOU work – and by you I mean you as a human. 

 Your identity, who you ARE, directly influences what you BELIEVE. 

For the sake of what we’re talking about today, identity and belief are one and the same. Each influences the other. 

 So who you ARE and what you BELIEVE deep down at a subconscious level – influence what you THINK. 

 If your identity is that of a 7 figure entrepreneur, if you BELIEVE that’s who you ARE – do you think your thoughts would be different from say that of someone who is committed to the struggle. Who finds making money difficult? 

 Of course not right? 

 If your identity is that of a healthy person in great shape, if you BELIEVE that’s who you ARE – do you think your thoughts would be different from that of someone who’s always struggled with their body image and their weight? 

 No. Again – of course not. 

Let’s keep working our way up the pyramid – 

 What you THINK leads to what you FEEL. Your emotions. If you have shitty thoughts, disempowering thoughts, negative thoughts – hey guess what? You’re going to experience shitty disempowering negative emotions.

 Other end of that – when you have positive, powerful, inspiring kind of thoughts, they’ll lead to totally different emotions.  

 Makes sense right?

This is all common sense and I’ve never understood why THIS isn’t the shit they teach us in school as opposed to algebra or whatever…

 Honest I don’t even know what algebra is…all good. I’ve done pretty well without it 🙂

Experience your emotions long enough they become your MOOD. Your emotions – your mood- affects your BEHAVIOR. The actions you take otherwise known as what you DO. 

 If there’s something you’re trying to get done – do you think it’ll be easier and more fun for you if you’re in a lousy mood or an incredible mood? 


Ok…now what you DO, affects your outcomes. Your RESULTS. 

It’s as simple as that. One more time real quick: 

Who you ARE, your IDENTITY, and what you BELIEVE at a deep, deep, subconscious level affect what you THINK. What you THINK affects your EMOTIONS – what you FEEL. 

Feel those feelings long enough they become a MOOD. 

Your emotions and mood affect your BEHAVIOR…that is, the ACTIONS that you take. What you DO. Your actions – what you DO, affects your results. Your outcomes. 

Here’s the point of my entire rant here – INSTEAD of always trying to change things by constantly repeating this same process – DOING this DOING that – taking one action, then taking another. Hoping that something sticks….

Go about it from the other end on the pyramid.

If you’re feeling like you’re not where you want to be in your business, ask yourself if you truly BELIEVE you can be successful. Ask yourself if you truly BELIEVE you DESERVE to be successful and make a whole bunch more money. 

If you’re feeling like you’re not where you want to be with your weight – with your diet and fitness, take a look at what you BELIEVE about losing weight or getting and staying in shape. 

What do you BELIEVE? 

This take some work – uncovering all this stuff. It’s going to require you putting some thought into it and I can’t recommend journaling enough when it comes to this work..

Next up – put those beliefs of yours on trial. Dig into them. Try to look at them as nothing more than an observer of them, 

Key question to ask yourself when doing this is – “Is that REALLY true?”. Is that belief really true….understand what a belief is. A belief is nothing more than an ASSUMED truth. 

Is that belief really true? 

Keep digging. Give yourself evidence that supports the fact that this belief that has a ton of power over you…is probably complete bullshit. 

And once you start kind of – dismantling these beliefs…you’re going to find you then NATURALLY start taking actions that get you to where you want to be. With a ton less resistance. 

The process of change becomes infinitely easier for you I promise.

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