Episode 007: Marlyne Pierce – Product and Profitability Strategist for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Investors Who Want to Create Better Products and Serve Millions with Their Business

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The mindset that helped propel Marlyne from a young Jamaican immigrant, all the way to the halls of Wharton Business and Columbia. The very definition of the American dream!
  • How her yoga practice taught her resilience, motivation, and the ability to tap into her own source of personal power.
  • The importance of having a strong support system in your life
  • All about the power of the C.A.N.I. attitude (all my Tony Robbins fans know exactly what’s up here!)
  • What to do when you feel lost and the world seems upside down
  • The one (meditation) tool she uses every day in addition to positive affirmations and gratitude

“I walk by faith, not by sight”  – was a bible quote Marlyne mentioned. I’m not a religious person (at all), but to me that quote right there is at the very heart of self-development. It stuck with me long after the interview was over.  

Download the episode here


You can find out more about Marlyne Pierce here:

Website: modernmogulhq.com

Podcast: Modern Mogul Podcast

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