Episode 013: Agnes Kowalski – Wealth Therapist & Money Mindset Mentor

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How deep “poverty mindset” might be running in your subconscious programming – what it means, and how to work your way through it
  • How the fear of not being enough affects you throughout your whole life, and how it’s passed along generationally
  • How she overcame her own financial “set point”
  • About the connection between self worth and net worth
  • The “vows of poverty” many of us make, without ever knowing we’re doing so
  • How to work with your subconscious to break through money blocks
  • Why every modality, from EFT to journaling to working privately with a coach, is all useless without this one ingredient
  • How to access a completely different part of your brain, giving you access to your “inner child”

Download the episode here

This episode went a little long (19+ minutes). I love this stuff and Agnes was just amazing…

So she stuck around for an OVERTIME! segment, where she shared even more ridiculously high level insights. 

Check out OVERTIME! Right here:  

Download OVERTIME! with Agnes Kowalski here


You can find out more about Agnes Kowalski here: 

AgnesKowalski.com Official Website  



Mentioned in the episode:

Muscle Testing 

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