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About/Work With Me 

Gregg Sugerman is a performance coach and consulting strategist for Real Estate agents and Team Leaders. 

He’s also someone who noticed that lots of “About ” pages are written in the third person, even though 99 times out of 100 they’re written by the owner of the site.

It’s like for some reason there’s this thing where people think you somehow sound more important when someone else is writing about you.

Kind of weird…

Anyhow, I’m Gregg. And I guarantee you I’ll never talk about myself in the third person ever again.  

I think I can also guarantee you’re not on this page to read my entire life story.

Instead, I’m guessing you’d rather me tell you exactly how I can help you.

And that’s totally cool. Because if I was on your website, that’s exactly what I’d want.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

(But I will throw in some bullet points about who I am and what my deal is at the bottom of the page.)You’ll want to schedule a free call with me if:

  • You struggle with time management (if you’re anything like the dozens of agents I’ve worked with in New York City, that’s probably an understatement.)
  • You’re constantly in reaction mode. You feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions every day. Sometimes you feel like all you do is put out fires.
  • You’re looking to put systems in place to give you some desperately needed structure throughout your day.
  • You’re struggling to get basic tasks done because you’re completely overwhelmed ¾ of the time.
  • The ups and downs of 1099 life are exhausting. You’d like income and workflow that’s more consistent and predictable. 
  • You’re not entirely sure what you want your business to look like, but you know it’s not this.
  • You’re running around chasing rentals because you have bills to pay, but you know you’re settling for the small wins. There’s a bigger game out there you want to be playing.  
  • You allow yourself to get distracted. You procrastinate. You’re looking to build habits that make you more disciplined and more consistent (in all areas of your life).
  • You know how important it is to make calls and stay top-of-mind with your S.O.I., but when it comes to hitting the phones, you feel like you’re bothering people, or pushing a service.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • I work with you to get crystal clear on precisely what your goals are, and then we reverse engineer them.
  • We’ll discuss where you are and where you want to be. We map out the exact steps to get you there.Then we get to work. 
  • I’m an expert at identifying and installing habits that have the highest amount of leverage on your business. Habits are an absolute force of nature when utilized intentionally and strategically. They enable you to execute at an extremely high level without relying on your willpower and discipline. 
  • I help you create new behaviors. 
  • We’ll uncover beliefs that are holding you back, and we’ll obliterate them. 
  • I’ll help you be more consistent. In all areas of your life. Because the key to your success is to consistently execute on the actions that move the needle the furthest in your business.
  • I’ll hold you accountable. Probably to a degree you’re not used to.
  • “I know what to do but I just don’t do it.” I’ll fix that.

Just to be clear, I’m not a Real Estate agent.Never have been. Nor am I a “Real Estate coach.”

And that’s to your advantage. 

Because I’m not in the “Real Estate bubble.” I’m not in those trenches every day which enables me to actually see things differently. 

I’ve coached successful entrepreneurs in numerous industries (a couple of them were pushing 8-figure net worths).

This has given me a unique perspective that I’m able to share with my clients.

I’ve seen firsthand the challenges and the solutions (A.K.A. the stuff that works) in an incredibly wide range of businesses. 

I don’t put my clients through some cookie-cutter coaching system. 

Working with me means developing and utilizing systems made specifically for you. 

It’s about formulating strategies that are unique to you and your business. Strategies designed to help you accomplish more, with less effort. 

It’s about you getting what you want. Period. 

You’re going to better manage your time, your energy, and your focus. 

You’ll be more productive. 

You’ll also make more money. And that doesn’t suck. 

Here’s what to do next: 

You start by scheduling a free 30 minute call with me.

The purpose of this call is to help you, plain and simple 

You can do that here: 


On your call we’ll: Take an objective look at how you’re showing up each day for your business.

Together we’ll diagnose what’s holding you back as you navigate your day- to-day. 

I’m going to look at how you’re currently managing:

  • Your time 
  • Your clients 
  • Your energy
  • Your current stress levels
  • Yourself  

I’ll get a sense of exactly where you are in your business right now. 

And exactly where you want to go. 


My entire business is built around working with agents to close that gap. 

Just so you know, these calls are not some lame bait-and-switch.

This isn’t a sales call in disguise where I get you on Zoom and start hounding you with aggressive sales tactics. 

I’ve been on the other ends of those calls. I find that behavior rude and distasteful and that’s not what I’m about at ALL. 

If at the end of our call I feel we’re a good fit and you want to discuss what it’s like to work with me, then obviously I’m happy to talk to you about that. 

But having that discussion is entirely up to you.  

And if not? That’s totally cool. The objective of these calls is to help you as much as I can as fast as I can. 

Schedule your free 30 minute call here:


OK, a few random things about me so I feel like I’ve actually written a proper “about” page: Things I love:

  • I love animals. Of all kinds. Love isn’t a strong enough word…I’ve had pets basically non-stop in my life since I was 5 years old. Cats. Dogs.
  • I’m hopelessly enamored with Pugs. When I was a kid I had hamsters, snakes, lizards, turtles…I’m one of those people that try and capture bugs and set them free because I don’t want to take a life…aside from roaches. Fuck those guys…
  • I’m probably one of the worst surfers you’ve ever seen. But dammit, I love it so much. It’s the only thing I’ve ever found in my life that’s so much fun that I’m totally ok being terrible at it.
  • I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Rock n Roll since literally the cradle. I grew up in a house where the Beatles and Stones played on a loop. It’s in my blood. It’s an addiction that gets stronger the older I get. The Stones. GnR. The Foo Fighters. A million bands (at least) in between. 
  • I’m a pretty decent guitar player. To me a perfect Friday night is me, my Les Les Paul, and my Marshall.
  • Movies. God yes. All. The. Movies…
  • I’m a total Star Wars nerd. It’s not like I’m out there Cosplaying…but I can recited the first three movies word for word. 
  • Marvel too. But I have love for movies of all kinds.
  • I’m a self-development nerd. It’s never ending. For me it all started with Tony Robbins. 
  • I’m also an absolute fiend for Bravo shows. Including and especially most of the Housewives shows. Yes, I said it and I own it.
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