About Me

I’ve been called a guide...a coach...a spiritual locksmith.

Call me what you will, but know this -

I'm someone who knows what it's like.

Knows what it's like to have all the tools needed to succeed...yet somehow not succeed.

To have enough...and not be happy.

To be more than smart enough...yet not be able to make the pieces fit together.

To work my ass off...and have barely anything to show for it.

To feel like I was running as fast as I could...yet not getting anywhere.

I know what it’s like to be hopelessly stuck in a career I hated.

To be over 35 lbs overweight.

To go through a long period of depression so intense I’d spend days at a time in bed.

I know what it’s like to have big dreams, be on the other side of 30...and feel them slipping away.

The dream of self-employment:

  • Creating a career of my own
  • Controlling my destiny
  • Feeling financially free

The dream of having an amazing girlfriend and being in a beautiful relationship.

The dream of living wherever I wanted, surfing every morning and working from the beach.

The simple dream of waking up and feeling proud of myself. Living a life that was actually worth living.


I also know what it’s like to have something finally snap.

To hear, see and feel only one thing: NO FUCKING MORE.

To become obsessed with self development. Seminars. Books. Videos. Coaches. Trainings.

To feel the power of it all turning around. Slowly at first...but undeniably.

I finally started finding, as opposed to always seeking.

Beat depression. Lost the weight. Got in great shape (and stayed that way). Love of my life. New career. Gorgeous apartment in NYC.

All those things are great, but the biggest gift of all was learning one of the greatest truths of my life - that there was a reason I went through everything I went through.

The very reason I’ve been put on this planet - to help guide you on your journey.

To help make your dreams a reality.

...as for the beach and surfing every day? Still working on that one...the only difference now is, I know it’s on it’s way.


You’re spiritual, yet at the same time grounded.

You’re probably creative in some way. I’m not sure why, but most who seek me out are.

Someone whose always known they were meant for more. 

Who knows for a fact they have everything they need to get to that next level (whatever that level looks like for you) but needs help seeing how all the pieces fit together.

You're willing to do the work, because working hard has never been your problem. 

Someone who knows that with the right guide, accountability, and motivation - there's literally no limit to what you can achieve in this life.