Episode 016: Monica Mo – Founder & CEO of WellSeek. Brand & Media Strategist

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How how a loved ones near death experience at age 12 molded her life and helped to define her purpose 
  • How she works with people to find their own purpose, so they can ultimately carve their own path in life
  • Why feeling no connection with what you’re doing currently in your life is an absolute gift, and why discovering what you don’t want in life, is equally as important as finding what you do
  • How a simple leap of faith led her from a successful career in biotech, to starting a brand and media agency focused on health and wellness entrepreneurs
  • About fixed mindset vs growth mindset

All this and more in just over 15 minutes! 

Download the episode here 


You can find out more about Monica Mo here: 


the WellSeek Collective 

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