Episode 015: Fabienne Raphael – Online Business Consultant, Speaker, and Podcaster.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The mindset that’s needed to go from working for someone else, to starting your own business
  • Why there’s not as much security in working for someone else as you think
  • How entrepreneurship provides you with a unique opportunity to find qualities within yourself you may have never known you had, and why starting your own business is the greatest self-development course on earth
  • The importance of shifting your focus away from yourself and instead focus on who you’re serving
  • The mindset needed to be visible, as in introvert, in an online world where visibility is so critical
  • Her antidote to fear, and the one magic question you can ask yourself when experiencing self-doubt
  • Why competition with yourself is the only competition that matters

 All this and more in just over 15 minutes! 

Download the episode here 


You can find out more about Fabienne Raphael here: 

Fabienne Raphael Official Website 

Facebook: the Corporate Exit 

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