You know that One Thing?

That One Thing you’ve always wanted to do, or be, or have?

(That body. That business. That lucky break.)

Or that One Thing that stops you from becoming the person you were born to be?

(That demon. That soul-crushing job. That voice of doubt in your head.)

My name is Gregg, and I’ll help you achieve that one thing you want, and destroy that one thing you don’t.

I’ll change your fucking life.

I’m a transformational success coach and motivational breakthrough specialist. I help you get whatever you want by empowering the best parts of who you are.

Think of me as your guide. I’ll pour gasoline onto your self-doubt and imagined limits and then help you light a match.

I’ll show you how to live up to your potential without having to take radical steps.

I’ll show you the incredible power you already have and the opportunities hidden all around you.

I’ll use my intuition, empathy, and skill to guide you to an elevated place, and from there we’ll discover powerful solutions together.

I’ll help you break down your big goals and what seem like complicated issues into small, actionable, and fun steps. You’ll naturally and easily be pulled toward your better life.

I’ll show you paths you cannot see (yet) because game-changing perspective shifts are in my DNA.

My parents raised me to be a free thinker. A rebel.

I was the kid who raised my hand and told the teacher they were wrong…in third grade.

I was not raised to “think outside the box.” I was raised to see no box at all.

I’ll help you see yourself the way you should:




​I know you're smart enough. You're determined and you have  heart. You have all the raw materials needed for success, and you’re brimming with potential.

You just haven’t tapped into it yet.

I know what it’s like to not live up to your potential. I know because I’ve been there.

To the outside world, I should have had it all. I had brains., determination, and work ethic. I was “a good person”.

I had so much going for me. So why couldn’t I put any of the pieces together? Why did nothing I do seem to lead me any closer to the life I knew I deserved?

After a while, I just thought I was unlucky. I started thinking maybe I was cursed.

I struggled to get anything I wanted (a girlfriend, a body I could be proud of, a career that fulfilled me and made me a bunch of money).

Just being happy started to feel like a wild fantasy. But I was stubborn beyond reason. I flat out refused to quit dreaming.

I thought of myself as Rocky Balboa. Knock me down nine times; I’ll get up ten.

By 25, the six-figure job I’d landed had dwindled to essentially nothing. I was trapped in a soul-crushing career I hated. I’d been eating horribly. My discipline was soft and I was partying hard. I wore an extra 40 pounds to prove it.

My body was the physical representation of all the failed dreams I still desperately longed to achieve:

The dream of self-employment: creating a career of my own, to control my destiny and feel financially free.

The dream of having an amazing girlfriend.

The dream of living wherever I wanted, surfing in the morning and working from the beach.

The simple dream of waking up and feeling proud of myself. Living a life that was actually worth living. Being happy.

By 30, I’d staggered my way through years of clinical depression, rounds of anti-depressants, severe, confidence crippling sexual dysfunction, and a string of romantic partners who could take me or leave me.

I was uncomfortable in social settings and grew more introverted by the day. Throw in some serious bouts of acute insomnia on top of it all and you have the makings of a pretty sad life.

And then one day, I was laying out, getting some sun in Union Square Park, and a friend came over and totally called me out on my love handles in front of a bunch of people (including a girl I liked). It was just your normal guys busting chops type thing but...

It all just hit me at once—my inability to exercise or eat well consistently, waves of low self-esteem and zapped motivation, utter embarrassment, hurt, and now public shame.

And behind it all the painful, deadly fear that I would never be more than I was that day.

But instead of sinking down deeper into depression, something inside me snapped.

At that tipping point, all my “should's” became “musts”.

Suddenly I had tunnel vision.

I began working out every day. I read every self-development book I could find. Anything from Tony Robbins to the Dalai Lama. I literally couldn't stop.

And I tracked everything. Writing down each tiny breakthrough I had, as I made small but consistent progress.

Three weeks became four. One month became two. I tested every tool I found for developing mind, body, and spirit, adopted the ones that fit me best, and created systems that I could track.

I continued to write down every achievement. Each small success built my morale, and soon I left negative self-talk in the dust.

My confidence snowballed. I gained speed and momentum. I stopped pushing and grinding toward goals and felt myself pulled by a force stronger than gravity.

Just like that, success was attracted to ME. And everything became so much easier.

See that’s the secret nobody tells you:

To make quantum leaps in your life, you must work on your mind, body AND spirit.

If you’re only firing in one or two areas, you’ll probably never achieve lasting change. Even tiny steps forward are slow as hell.

In order for REAL and lasting change to take root and flourish—to rocket you upward toward your dreams—you MUST fire on all three cylinders.

Once I realized this, I was able to transform my life in every way imaginable.

From hopelessly pessimistic and clinically depressed to completely in love with my life

From socially awkward to killer confidence.

From 198 pounds of flab, 2 hip surgeries, and 1 shoulder surgery to a nice, lean 160 pounds.

From painful introversion to fist-pumping motivational speaking.

From a stressful career in a failing industry to my own six-figure business and thriving coaching practice.

I’ve overcome everything through sheer force of will and a stubborn almost stupid refusal to never ever quit.

“Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five” -Benjamin Franklin

See, society says if you haven’t “made it” by a certain age, then there’s no point in trying anymore. That it’s too late, and you might as well give up on your vision for your life. It was just a silly dream, and it’s time to “grow up and be an adult”.

Well I give an enthusiastic middle finger to what society thinks. 

Because guess what?

Your ship hasn’t sailed. It isn’t too late for you. It’s NEVER too late.

I didn’t give up because I was 30 or 40 And I won’t let you either

You’re going to persevere and make it anyhow.

I struggled for decades through blood and fire to unlock my potential. But you don’t have to.

I want to help. Let me show you a better way. Work with me and I’ll change your life.